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Aug 25, 2021

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

This is the Season 5 FINALE! How exciting?!? It's been a wonderful ride through the last five years to bring you all the entertainment and insight. I've learned a lot about myself, podcasting, audio production along with all the self growth as I learn new things from my guests. Thank you all for being along for the ride!

This episode features Luxa Strata! I first heard Luxa on her own show as she was interviewing Aidan Wachter. I fell instantly in love with her style and approach. So why not ask Aidan for some help reaching out to have Luxa on the show only to realize Luxa was already following me on Instagram. My bad. How did I miss that for so long? Thank goodness it's finally remedied. I believe Luxa is an up and coming very important voice in the world of Magic and Chaos Magic specifically. It was an honor and pure joy to interview her.

Luxa's Bio:

Luxa Strata is a magician, creator, and host of the Lux Occult podcast, a show which focuses on the intersections between Magick, Art, Philosophy and Science as viewed through the context of a Chaos Magick practice, and co-host of Ad Hoc History and Smut’s Up. Luxa is also the architect of The Green Mushroom hypho-sigil project, a large scale, ongoing group working focused on building connections, fostering creativity, and empowering individuals to become more agentic through the use of magick and esoteric technology; as well as to Resist through integrity, responsibility, respect, and reciprocity.

In addition to her work with The Green Mushroom, Luxa’s current focus in her personal practice is on self remediation and restoration as well as enriching everyday life with practices focused on food, trance, erotisism, sound and visual art. Luxa is also enthusiastic about her continuing devotional work with Goddess in several of Her iterative forms.

Find Luxa and her Magical Projects on The Web:

Listen to Lux Occult: Podcast

Lux Occult Instagram:

Luxa’s ongoing sigil and art project, The Memetic Disease:

Listen to Ad Hoc History, a podcast where Luxa and her brother, Asher, talk history and the personal motivations that might underlie it:

Here’s a link to a document with a simple Breakfast Magic ritual protocol:

The Green Mushroom Project:

The Green Mushroom Link Bank (a bunch of links to stuff about the project, we’re going to have a website soon, hopefully!):

Follow The Green Mushroom project on Instagram @hyphosigil

Watch the informational video about The Green Mushroom Project on YouTube:

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