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Dec 20, 2022

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

This episode features the dynamic duo from Weiser Books who brought us a new way to see the Tarot Deck we all know and love! I'm speaking of Judika Illes and Kathryn Sky-Peck. That deck? These two came together and their inspiration to the Waite-Smith Deck that was created by the artist Pamela Coleman Smith. You will hear the history if this world changing Tarot Deck, why they were so inspired, and how they may have actually made the deck finally look the way Pamela wanted to see it. 

I highly recommend getting The Weiser Tarot deck! It's my favorite new way to see the Waite-Smith deck!

Here are the Bios.

First Judika:

Born in New York City, Judika Illes is a lifelong lover, student, and practitioner of the magical arts. She is the author of numerous books devoted to magic spells, witchcraft, saints, spirits, and the paranormal including the best-selling Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells and Encyclopedia of Spirits. Her other books include Pure Magic: A Complete Course in Spellcasting, Magic When You Need It, Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, and Daily Magic, a perpetual calendar of spells, rituals, and feasts. Judika is also the curator of two books of occult fiction. Someday she will publish some occult fiction of her own. Judika is a certified aromatherapist and has been a professional tarot card reader since 1988. Judika has worked as an editor for Weiser Books since 2015. Before that, she worked for The Witches’ Almanac. She teaches about spell-casting and other topics in the US, internationally, and virtually. Her website is under construction, but Judika is easily found on-line at Facebook: Instagram: @judikailles and Twitter: @JudikaIlles

And Now Kathryn:

Kathryn Sky-Peck has been a life-long student of the esoteric arts. Currently Creative Director at Red Wheel/Weiser, she has been with Weiser books off and on since 1981 when she first began working with the publisher. She is an award-winning poet, a fine artist, and—when the grace of youth allowed it—a modern dancer. She sees all these art forms interconnected, finding color and movement in words and music in poetry. She has been the sole proprietor of Sky Peck Design for the last 27 years, where she maintains a select group of clients, most notably The Witches Almanac and Ibis Press. In her role as book development director at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, she authored Who Has Seen the Wind? and The Poet’s Delay, both compilations of poetry based on the museum’s art collection. She loves the anonymity of being in the background, from where she’s had the honor to work with, support, and learn from some of the occult world’s best-known authors. Not a fan of social media, she lives at the edge of a New England wood with her cat Milo.

Enjoy the Show! Stay Weird, my friends!

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