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Nov 30, 2017

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

I'm your host, Lonnie Scott. Meet Elizabeth Saint!

You've seen Elizabeth on Ghosts of Sheperdstown on Destination America, behind the scenes on Paranormal Lockdown, and working with Nick Groff building their new project The Haunted Space.

Elizabeth is unique in the Paranormal. She's quick to...

Oct 25, 2017

Welcome to Weird Web Radio! 

I'm your host Lonnie Scott. This episode features the Oracle of Los Angeles Amanda Yates Garcia.

You may recognize her from an interview with Tucker Carlson that made the rounds on social media. She stood her ground against a condescending asshole, and represented Witches around the...

Sep 29, 2017

Welcome to Weird Web Radio! I'm your host, Lonnie Scott. 

This is the official kick off for Season 2! 

This episode takes us down a magical rabbit hole with Morpheus Ravenna, the amazing Witch and Priestess of the Morrigan.

This episode covers a lot of magical ground. We go through spirit work, the Gods, landscapes, and...

Aug 18, 2017

Welcome to Weird Web Radio! I'm your host, Lonnie Scott!
This episode features my kindred spirit Kim Huggens. I met Kim in person back in 2014 at TarotCon in Dallas. She was my favorite presenter, and we ended up building a great friendship ever since that event. Kim has such a wonderful diverse path to her...

Aug 1, 2017

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

This episode features Tim Weisberg. Tim is the host of Spooky Southcoast, Associate Producer, Writer and Researcher for Ghost Stalkers, Ghost Asylum, and the upcoming Haunted Towns on Destination America. Tim can also be seen and heard at Paranormal Investigation events, promoting the history...