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Apr 16, 2020

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

This episode is going to be an eye opener for many of you. Meet Mortellus. She is a Gardnerian Witch, Animist, and Necromancer that has a day job in the funeral industry as a mortician. She's also the author of Do I Have To Wear Black? - a book on Pagan death rites and rituals. Do out in the winter. Keep checking Amazon and your local booksellers.

Mortellus has a very soothing voice. It's easy to see how she can lead people both in her coven and in her profession. Her answers are well structured, and I know she put some of my own concerns to rest. This episode also features some listener questions that she handled very well. I hope you enjoy the show!

Mortellus in her bio:

Mortellus is the High Priestess of the Coven of Leaves in Rutherfordton NC, a Gardnerian Coven operating an Outer Court training group who like to say that they are a bubbling cauldron of bitter esoterica slithering their way through Western North Carolina. Additionally, she is a Mortician, Author, Medium, and Necromancer. Her book of pagan death rites and rituals for Llewellyn is set to come out Winter of 2020 with a second un-announced project in the works. Currently, she resides on 3 acres that are hastily becoming overgrown again with her husband, daughter, two year old boy girl twins, two chickens, and one really, really ridiculous dog. She is set to release a book on pagan death rites and rituals coming out winter of 2020 for Llewellyn titled "Do I have to Wear Black?"

Mortellus on the Web:



Coven of Leaves

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