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Apr 27, 2018

Welcome to Weird Web Radio! I'm your host, Lonnie Scott!

This episode features Aidan Wachter. First, Ii again apologize to Aidan for saying his name wrong as "Watcher". He says it happen a lot. Still doesn't make it right on my part. I say this again to point out how easy it is for your brain to see it wrong too.

Aidan Wachter is well known in magical, pagan and occult circles as a highly respected talismanic jeweler. He first encountered the magical arts in 1982, and began serious study in 1987, largely as a method of gaining control over unwanted possession experiences. He is an eclectic practitioner, having worked with various streams of witchcraft, chaos magic, ceremonial magic, folk magic, and freestyle sorcery. He is an animist, and his work is spirit-driven and results oriented. He counts among his spiritual forebears Austin Osman Spare, Rosaleen Norton, Dorji Banzarov, and Jan Fries. He lives in the mountains of New Mexico with his wife, cat, several dogs, goats, and a mixed flock of chickens and Muscovy ducks.

Aidan just released his book Six Ways: Approaches & Entries For Practical Magic. I can't say enough about the usefulness of this book. Starting or experienced. This book is the one on magic and sorcery I wished for so badly when I started over 20 years ago.

I hope you all check out his book, his jewelry, and enjoy the show!

Aidan's Talismanic Jewelry and writings can be found at

Get Aidan's Incredible Book at Amazon:
Intro voice over by Lothar Tuppan.
Outro voice over by Lonnie Scott
Intro & Outro Music by Nine Inch Nails on the album ‘7’, song title ‘Ghost’, under Creative Commons License.