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Feb 1, 2022

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

This episode features Ethan Stark! Ethan is a friend and fellow officer of The Troth. I consider Ethan to be one of the modern leading voices in Heathenry. He leads by example, embodies his virtues, challenges the status quo, and stands brave on the front line against racism.

This was an amazing conversation covering Tolkien, Sacrifice, The Troth, Heathens Against Hate, Clergy in Heathenism, and more!

Ethan's Bio:

Rev. Ethan Stark is the clergy liaison for the Troth, where he helps facilitate religious education, interfaith engagement, and community initiatives. Additionally, Ethan currently serves on the Troth’s rede (board of directors). He is also an executive officer for Heathen Against Hate; a religious educational organization advocating for inclusive Heathen beliefs and practices. Formerly from New York City, where he co-founded the North River Kindred, he now lives in Wisconsin.

Ethan On The Web:

Ethan's Personal / Clergy Site: 

The Troth:

Heathens Against Hate:

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