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Sep 16, 2020

Welcome to SEASON 5 of Weird Web Radio!

I'm honored to have you all here still listening. I'm equally excited for all of you that are arriving new with each episode. Great news too! ALL episodes are now available on YouTube! Like and Subscribe!

I want to introduce you all to Dr. Mathias Nordvig

Mathias is a wonderful human being helping all of us in Modern Heathenism navigate the ever unwinding history of our ways.  His academic reputation in Norse Mythology is impressive while he also has a lifetime of living Heathen practice. He's also a kind and generous soul with all his expansive understanding of history and myth. 

He is the co-host of The Nordic Mythology Podcast alongside Daniel Farrand from Horns of Odin. I highly recommend that show! Mathias also has a new book out titled Ásatrú for Beginners: A Modern Heathen's Guide to the Ancient Northern Way which I had the honor to review prior to publication and also highly recommend.

Dr. Nordvig's Bio:

Dr. Mathias Nordvig is a visiting assistant professor of Nordic and Arctic studies at the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures at University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder). He teaches subjects on Viking history, Nordic mythology, folklore, Arctic culture and society, and Danish language. Dr. Nordvig earned his PhD in Nordic mythology in 2014 at Aarhus University in Denmark, his native country. He moved to Colorado in 2015.

Dr. Nordvig has a BA. degree in Nordic languages and literatures with a minor in Viking Studies. His MA. degree includes studies in medieval Icelandic history and saga literature, Viking Age archaeology, Nordic mythology, and Old Norse language. He wrote his PhD dissertation on the relationship between Old Norse myth and the Icelandic environment. The dissertation is titled: Of Fire and Water. The Old Norse Mythical Worldview in and Eco-mythological Perspective.

He has taught in Danish primary and middle school, high school, Scandinavian folk high school (folkehøjskole), open university, and in college. College courses he has taught include: The Reception of Nordic Mythology, Viking Age Religion and Myth, and The Harvard Viking Summer School at Aarhus University. At CU Boulder, he has taught Vikings, Norse Mythology, Scandinavian Folk Narrative, Medieval Icelandic Sagas, Scandinavian Culture and Society, 19th and 20th Nordic Literature, and Arctic Culture and Society.

His research interests include: myth and environment, pre-Christian Scandinavian religion and mythology, Old Norse memory culture, indigenous studies, Inuit, and Sámi folklore, mythology, and religion. He also takes an interest in contemporary cultural use of Nordic mythology and the Viking Age in media, music, and Neo-paganism.

Dr. Nordvig has lived most of his life in Denmark, but spent a considerable part of his childhood in Greenland. He has also lived in Iceland, and frequently travels to Iceland, Denmark, and Norway.

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Enjoy the show! Stay Weird, My friends!

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