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Aug 15, 2019

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

This is the Season 3 Finale! It's hard to believe it's about to be the fourth season launch. This has been a fun ride, and I thank you all for being part of the journey.

Now, this episode features Angelo Nasios. Check out his bio:

Angelo Nasios (New York) is an author and educator of the Hellenic tradition. He received his B.A in religion and is currently earning his M.A in ancient and classical history. A rising voice in the pagan community, Angelo writes for Patheos Pagan in his blog Hearth of Hellenism where he discusses the Hellenic tradition; its history and current expression as a living tradition. Angelo is an active member in the Hellenic polytheistic community in New York. ​ Angelo became a prominent voice in the tarot community with his YouTube channel he started in 2008. He authored two tarot books and presents at national conferences.

You can find Angelo all over the web:




Amazon Author Page

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