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Mar 19, 2019

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

This episode features Christopher Orapello & Tara Love-Maguire from the podcast Down At The Crossroads, and also the authors of Besom, Stang & Sword: A Guide to Traditional Witchcraft, The Six-Fold Path & The Hidden Landscape.

PLEASE forgive my audio. Just mine. Chris and Tara sound fine. Something went wonky on my side, and I sound like shit. I worked very hard on all of this to preserve the amazing conversation. So I apologize for my mechanical froggy weird sound on this one. 

Also, please note that this show is dedicated to the memory of Sarah Elizabeth Lyter (1985 - 2018). I did not know her. She's important to Chris and Tara. So important they dedicated their book to her memory, and I wanted to honor her and them by doing the same with the show. It is said one can enjoy a Happy Meal in her honor, and she would be quite happy to know it. Hail the fallen! Long may your memory live, and your Ancestors welcome you home!

Chris and Tara kindly provided their super cool bios for your reading pleasure:

Christopher Orapello is an artist, witch, and animist with a background in western occultism, ceremonial magick, and Freemasonry and has been on his journey for over 25 years. He co-hosts the podcast Down at the Crossroads with his partner, Tara-Love Maguire, and is a signature artist with Sacred
Source (a leading producer and distributor of ancient deity images in North America). After a growing desire for a more locally-based form of witchcraft, he and Tara founded Blacktree coven in 2014, where they set out to forge a modern approach to Traditional Witchcraft for a new era of praxis. His first book- Besom, Stang, and Sword- co-written with Tara, is available now wherever books are sold from Red Wheel/Weiser Books.

Tara-Love Maguire has been a practicing witch for over 30 years, on a path which has been crookedly influenced by Isobel Gowdie, Marie Laveau, and William S. Burroughs. Growing up as a weird kid in and around the New Jersey Pine Barrens, she found witchcraft within the tales and shadows that dwell there. She co-hosts the podcast, Down at the Crossroads, with her sweetheart, Christopher Orapello, and together, they founded Blacktree Coven- a traditional witchcraft coven which exists in the heart of southern New Jersey. Her first book- Besom, Stang, and Sword- co-written with Chris, is available now wherever books are sold from Red Wheel/Weiser Books.

This one takes a deep dive into magic, witchcraft, sacred cows, ghosts, and more!

Enjoy the show! Stay Weird, my friends!

Photo Credit goes to Jenn Lane.

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Intro voice over by Lothar Tuppan.
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