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Mar 15, 2018

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

I'm your host, Lonnie Scott! This episode features a friend, a mentor, a master storyteller, and a Rune Gild Master as well. You'll recognize his voice if you still listen to the whole intro to the show. Meet Lothar Tuppan!

Lothar Tuppan is a Standing Member of the High-Rede and a Master within the Rune-Gild. Lothar has been a magician, runer, and shamanic practitioner for 20 years. He is also an oral storyteller, instructional designer, writer, voice actor, sound designer, and producer of audio dramas.

Links where you can find Lother on the Web:

The Rune-Gild

Lothar’s original Audio Drama series can be found here:

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Show Notes:

Intro voice over by Lothar Tuppan.
Outro voice over by Lonnie Scott
Intro & Outro Music by Nine Inch Nails on the album ‘7’, song title ‘Ghost’, under Creative Commons License.