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Weird Web Radio

Seek the Mysteries & Stay Weird, My Friends.

Feb 22, 2017

Welcome to Weird Web Radio! Episode 4!

This episode features Brian K. Morris.

Brian is a full-time freelance writer, independent publisher, and consultant.  His best-selling novel is SANTASTEIN: The Post-Holiday Prometheus, a parody of the classic Mary Shelley novel.  He is also the Editor-in-Chief at Silver Phoenix Entertainment, the Midwest's leading publisher in the fields of horror, public service, and Roller Derby.  His most current projects for Silver Phoenix include a history of the Police in America and THE HAUNTING TALES OF BACHELOR'S GROVE, a horror anthology loosely based on the most haunted cemetery in America which recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for funding.

Show Notes:

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Music: The intro music was '7' from the album 'Ghosts' by Nine Inch Nails under a Creative Commons License.

Voice Over: Intro production and voice over by Lothar Tuppan.