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Oct 30, 2022

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

Happy Halloween! It's time for my annual Trick or Treat Episode where I give you one of the Bonus Audio sessions that only the Patreon members get to hear! This year my gift to you is the Bonus Audio featuring John Tenney and Jessica Knapik from the amazing and fun podcast What's Up Weirdo! This bonus audio comes from their appearance on Episode 72 so check that out too

Enjoy the episode! Please do consider joining the Weird Web Radio Family! Stay Weird, my friends!

Here are the Bios of this Weird Duo:

Jessica's Bio:

Jessica Knapik is a noted cosmetic tattoo artist and creator of viral beauty trend AstroFrecks. AstroFrecks allows you to hide your zodiac constellation within cosmetically tattooed freckles on your face and body. The world took notice and Jessica was featured by Cosmo, Vogue, Buzzfeed, MTV, and many more.

You can usually find her at haunted locales and paranormal events across the country. An avid road tripper, explorer, cemetery creeper, and all around weirdo.

She’s also the co-host of the What’s Up Weirdo? Podcast alongside the incomparable John E. L. Tenney. It can be found on Apple, Spotify, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Tenney's Bio:

John E.L. Tenney is one of the most well-recognized and highly sought-after investigators of UFO, Paranormal and Occult phenomena in the world. Mr. Tenney has been actively involved in the field of anomalistic, conspiratorial, occult, UFOlogical, and paranormal research for well over three decades. It is estimated that, throughout the past 30 years, more than 150,000 people have specifically attended one of John’s signature “Weird Lectures.” John E.L. Tenney’s columns and articles have been printed in magazines and newspapers world-wide. Due to his extended time involved in paranormal research he has acted as a consult for numerous companies including, but not limited to: NBC, ABC, A&E, Fox, SyFy, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal. He has worked on numerous television shows including Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, Very Scary Stories, Paranormal State: The New Class, Ghost Stalkers and Paranormal Lockdown, Hellier and Kindred Spirits.

Considered by many to be an invaluable resource for information about anything and everything weird John has been utilized by countless other researchers, scholars, authors and media companies in creating a wider, weirder and more well-informed world.

The author of over a dozen books, Mr. Tenney has also been interviewed extensively on radio and television worldwide. Mr. Tenney has created and hosted the podcasts “Reel Lost” and “Realm of the Weird” which Real Detroit Weekly awarded, across multiple years, “Detroit’s Best Podcast”. More recently he co-hosts the fan favorite podcast“What’s Up Weirdo?”

Jessica and Tenney On The Web:



Jessica on Twitter:

Tenney's Main Site: 

What’s Up Weirdo? Podcast:




Enjoy The Show! Stay Weird!

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Intro voice over by Lothar Tuppan.
Outro voice over by Lonnie Scott
Intro & Outro Music by Nine Inch Nails on the album ‘7’, song title ‘Ghost’, under Creative Commons License.