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Weird Web Radio

Seek the Mysteries & Stay Weird, My Friends.

Dec 20, 2022

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

This episode features the dynamic duo from Weiser Books who brought us a new way to see the Tarot Deck we all know and love! I'm speaking of Judika Illes and Kathryn Sky-Peck. That deck? These two came together and their inspiration to the Waite-Smith Deck that was created by the artist...

Nov 25, 2022

Welcome to SEASON 7 of Weird Web Radio!

It's been one hell of a journey! Returning once again to the show to kick off Season 7 is the one and only Mat Auryn! Mat has a new book out titled Mastering Magick: A Course in Spellcasting for the Psychic Witch. This book is loaded with excellent methods to infuse your life...

Oct 30, 2022

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

Happy Halloween! It's time for my annual Trick or Treat Episode where I give you one of the Bonus Audio sessions that only the Patreon members get to hear! This year my gift to you is the Bonus Audio featuring John Tenney and Jessica Knapik from the amazing and fun podcast What's Up Weirdo!...

Sep 29, 2022

Welcome to Weird Web Radio! It's the finale of Season 6! Bringing us to an amazing close is the one and only Theresa Reed!

Theresa and I get into some fun twists and turns through Astrology, free will and fate, emotions and the moon, Tarot styles and readings, Ghosts and hauntings and more! This is the episode where I...

Aug 13, 2022

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

This Episode features Courtney Weber! Courtney and I have a conversation about her journey into Witchcraft, dreams and psychic visions, dealing with spirits, hauntings, Ouija Boards, sensible skepticism in Magic, Hekate, and Pirates! This episode was a lot fun! 

Please do check out all of...